Tesco 25% Off Wine Sale

With the price of wine constantly rising due to excessive taxing, it’s great to get a little saving on our favourite beverage.  Driven by fierce competition in the market, particularly Lidl’s French wine sale, Tesco have had back-to-back wine promotions for the past month.  Unlike their suspect ‘half price’ offers on individual wines, the ‘25% Off Six Bottles’ promotion can be used in conjunction with any other reductions.

The catch is obviously the fact you have to buy six bottles or more to avail of the offer- which may sound excessive.  However, if you are like me and regularly help drink 2-3 (at least!) bottles of wine a week, it makes a lot of sense to grab them in one go when on promotion and save yourself a few quid. In reality you are only reducing the price to roughly the pre-gouging-tax rate of the past 2 years,  but still better in our pockets.  During the year I will post when these deals pop up in the supermarkets and make a few suggestions on decent wines to try.  If I miss one of them, please throw me a message and I’ll let my other readers know.  I almost missed this one as it ends at 10pm tonight.

In the meantime, when the supermarkets are not on promotion try to support your local wine shops- the service and selection there will always surpass any supermarket.

So, what did I buy today?  I just arrived home from Spain where I stocked up on heavy reds, so decided to try some lighter reds and a white to add to my weekday wine collection.  I was in a rush so grabbed two bottles each of the following three wines.

First I grabbed two cheap New World Pinot Noirs.


Oyster Bay Pinot Noir Was €14.99. Reduced €10. Sale Price Today €7.50.


Wave Series by Carmen 2013. Was €15. Reduced €10. Sale Price Today €7.50.

Oyster Bay Pinot Noir 2012 is very drinkable and was already reduced to €10, so cost €7.50 today.  This is incredible value for a New Zealand Pinot.  Perfect value for a Weekday Wine.

The second was a Chilean Pinot.  I have yet to find a good value Pinot Noir from Chile but the standard is certainly improving.  Carmen have been pushing this wine hard all Summer and was curious to try it, but was unwilling to pay the €15 I regularly see it priced.  For €7.50 it is well worth a punt.  Keep an eye on the blog and I’ll try it during the week.


Chais de Bourlemont Cotes de Duras 2013. Was €12. Reduced €10. Sale Price Today €7.50.

Finally I grabbed two bottles of this French white.  Again reduced to €10 (so €7.50 today) this Cotes de Duras is a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon.  It comes from a region adjacent to Bordeaux and grows many of the same grape varieties, but doesn’t carry the same price tag!  Again I haven’t tried this wine yet, so will give it a bash during the week and report back to you.

Happy Drinking.

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