Bertani Lugana Collezione

Bertani Lugana Collezione, Lugana DOCG 2012. O'Briens Was €16.49 Now €10.99.

Bertani Lugana Collezione, Lugana DOCG 2012. O’Briens Was €16.49 Now €10.99.












The first time I tried this wine was at O’Briens Wine Fair last October and loved it so much I picked a bottle on special, threw it on a wine rack and forgot all about it.  Seeing it on special again in O’Briens this afternoon made me root it out and try it today with a risotto dish I am trying desperately hard to taste like anything other than salty play-doh!

Made on the slopes of the hills running down to Lake Garda, Lugana is a Northern Italian wine made from the Trebbiano grape.  Pale gold, this is a silky smooth wine with plenty of nice stone fruit, warm lemony citrus and a touch of minerality.  For the sale price it is a pretty nice, easy drinking, food-friendly wine, but would hesitate to buy it at the original price.

On a better note, the leek and pangasius risotto turned out perfectly- I realised a scoop of mascarpone is a great cheat to get it nice and creamy!

Rating: DECENT 3/5